Like a Woman: An anthology of speculative fiction inspired by women, would like to invite authors to submit stories for publication.

All submissions need to be in the speculative fiction genre and reflect the theme- like a woman. This includes fantasy, science fiction, paranormal, horror, steampunk, dystopian, etc. If you’re unsure, please feel free to ask.

Submissions need to be between 3,000 and 7,000 words in length, but we will consider stories which are a little shorter or longer. We prefer good stories over precise word counts!

We would love submissions to be aimed at a largely adult audience, but if your story has broad appeal, that’s great too.

We’re not looking for stories with erotica, but mild sex scenes are fine. We would also prefer stories not be overly gorey.

We’re open to submissions from both women and men, as long as they’re well-written.

We will not accept stories featuring incest, child porn, beasiality, etc.

The anthology editors, proofreaders, cover artists, etc, are volunteers. All stories included in the anthology will also be donations, and thus authors will not be paid. Proceeds will go to a charity which supports women who are survivors of domestic violence.

Like a Woman anthology will be published by Burning Willow Press, and requests the rights for all stories for 12 months from the date of publication.

Please submit in .docx form, as an attachment, not in the body of the email, and include a short bio with your submission.
Submissions can be sent to –

Submissions close August 6, 2017.